The Land Grab


The Short Story that started the Bucket List Mystery Series

Two women “of a certain age” have driven to the Town of Speedway, Indiana (home to the Indianapolis 500), because one of them has an uncle who hasn’t responded to her phone calls in several days. Charlotte Reinhardt, the niece, is a mystery buff, and the fact that they find him dead has her determined to prove it was murder, though the coroner is of the opinion it was natural causes. Her friend Francine McNamara, the more level-headed of the two, tries to dissuade her, but Charlotte can be very hard-headed. And #1 on Charlotte’s bucket list is to solve a murder mystery.

Could the land her uncle’s house is on be worth a bundle because it’s directly across from the Speedway, as Charlotte insists?

Find out by clicking the short story, and join the thousands of readers who follow the Bucket List ladies as they try to accomplish the strange and wonderful things on their Bucket Lists, if only they could stop stumbling over dead bodies.


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