The Last Review


His last job as a film critic. His first case as a detective.

“Takes the P.I. approach beyond traditional routes while including all the trappings of a solid investigative piece.” —Midwest Book Reviews

Coffee addict Polo Levington is trapped. A favor to an old magazine employer takes him back to his hometown—a place he promised never to return to—and into the set of “The Last Farewell”. With two aging stars returning to the spotlight after a past fatal tragedy, this soon becomes a film like no other. The conflicts and disputes are quick in coming—movie egos in their purest form, harmless, amidst the props and make-up…

Until someone in the cast falls dead for real, that is.

The behind-the-scenes exclusive soon turns into a crime scene investigation and Polo Levington into an unwitting lead. He has a natural talent to notice all kinds of details others can’t. He knows that the murderous intent still plagues the fragile production, and that the deadly curtain has only risen. But he’s led his life running away from a childhood trauma—away from that deep red world of suspicions, deceit, and death. Could this be the moment to finally face his fears and take the center stage?

But who’s lying? Who can he trust? Every wrong decision brings him closer to his own ghosts… and closer to a clever murderer, determined to leave the truth dying on the editing room floor. No matter who gets cut off.

Readers are saying:

“Exceptionally well done and hard to put down.”

“Recently a lot of mystery books have seemed to be a formula. This one broke the mold.”

“Well paced and with a great twist ending.”

“Polo himself pays more than lip service to the likes of Columbo and Poirot.”

“A very engaging writing style and a mystery that only lays out all its cards at the very end.”

“The characters are developed into real people that you can relate to, with real flaws and problems adding an extra dimension to the story”

“A great book to savor and read piece-by-piece.”

“In the style of the best of mysteries.”

"Recently a lot of mystery books have seemed to be a formula. This one broke the mold."
5 Star Amazon Review

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