The Legends of Damon Arkon: The World’s Greatest Swordfighter


Damon Arkon is called a lot of things— the world's greatest swordfighter, the world's greatest lover, Damon Arkon, mostly because that's his actual name. But one thing he is not called is great with his money.

Now, Damon Arkon is broke.


Can Damon Arkon concoct a plan to rob the chamberlain of enough coin that it’ll even out the bulges in his pants? Or, will Damon find himself in a real pickle?

If you like unconventional characters, drunken sword fighting, and daring heists, mixed with a heavy dose of raunchy jokes, then you’ll love Everson Cook’s ribald and playful send up on epic fantasy.

Download the novella “The Legends of Damon Arkon: The World’s Greatest Swordfighter” today!

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