The Love Machine: Valentine’s Day


With the Love Machine, falling in love is as easy as pushing a button…

A prequel to the Love Machine!

It’s 1991, and teenage genius Alva is the biggest nerd at Hillard High. His love life is in ruins and his band’s equipment falls apart whenever they play in front of people, but he’s invented something that’s going to change the life of him and his friends forever: the Love Machine. See, you just hold the Love Machine behind the left ear of the object of your affection and press the button, and it stimulates the amygdala by replicating brain waves and—

Shut up and get to the point, brainiac!

Okay, layman’s terms: You hold the button down for one minute, and the person falls in love with you for about twelve hours. What could go wrong?

"One of those stories you know from page one is going to go in all sorts of wild, weird, and wrong but funny directions. A unique, humorous, and unexpected take on high school dating and relationships. "
5 Star Amazon Review

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