The Missing Yesterdays


A freak lab accident ... A history erased!

On New Earth the accidental test of a matter transmitter causes all history to disappear.

Caught between oblivion and the unknown, Tremain and Christopher’s only option is to use the same transmitter to travel back in time to hopefully fix their past.

Can Tremain & Christopher restore their missing yesterdays before they too fade away?

If you like Doctor Who, Flash Gordon, and vintage sci-fi, you’ll love the Adventures of Tremain & Christopher. Grab your copy today!

"The Missing Yesterdays: The Adventures of Tremain and Christopher by Terry Marchion is a fun, light-hearted time-traveling tale. The two main characters are an eccentric scientist named Tremain and his teenage nephew, Christopher. With the help of Tremain's latest invention, they end up wiping out their past. They only have a short time left before the two of them also disappear ... unless Tremain can figure out how to go back in time and correct his mistake. Their journey back goes much farther than they expected and they find themselves in a very strange environment that gives them more questions than answers. The Missing Yesterdays is the first in a series of books by Terry Marchion centering around the scientific adventures of Christopher and Tremain. A note from the author says this book was influenced by the television serials of the 1950s, '60s, and '70s. After I finished this book, I felt that he had succeeded in crafting a book that hearkened back to those classic shows like Buck Rogers, Star Trek, and Doctor Who. The action is fast paced and each chapter ends with either a cliffhanger or a teaser to encourages the reader to continue on. The characters are not deep, but they are fleshed out just enough to make me like them and want to see what would become of them. My favorite element of this book was the way it never got predictable or boring. On the contrary; the plot of The Missing Yesterdays is very clever and creative. This first installment in The Adventures of Tremain and Christopher series is a novel that has all the elements of a great science fiction television serial."
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