The Peach Widow: An Argolicus Mystery


Mystery in History

A distressed widow. Greedy brothers. A huge farm dog. Argolicus unravels the threads.

Solving a legal issue is just the beginning for Argolicus, all because his mother asked him to do her a favor. When he visits a widow to explain her inheritance rights, he discovers a family full of secrets and resentments.

And hidden in those secrets is a murder. A murder that turns the family upside down.

Repulsed by petty squabbles, he asks questions. Little does he know that his investigation will lead to discovering a murder.

Poor and scrambling to make a living. the widow’s farming sons have few livestock, one farm dog, and a secret factory to make more money. When Argolicus demands to see the factory, he discovers racial prejudice, unfair pricing, and greed. Determined to bring the enterprise to a stop he drags the brothers to the factory. On the way back, a rest by a refreshing creek reveals a hidden crime.

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