The Queen and the Dagger


A princess must fight her former mentor and aunt to save her queendom, and her future.

In the land of Mankahar, humans have discovered Pacification: a poison whereby speaking animals are rendered mute and docile.

Indigo, a rabbit princess of Alvareth, is on the cusp of inheriting the throne from her aunt, the Regent, who has ruled the northern steppes since Indigo’s mother and sister were killed years ago. When the Order, a society dedicated to fighting Pacification, asks Indigo to join their amassing army, her future seems clear: lead her queendom against the humans, and find the one who killed her mother and sister.

But the day of Indigo’s initiation goes horribly wrong: Pacification has already arrived in Alvareth, and the Regent seizes the opportunity to take the crown.

Threatened with the loss of both her throne and her dreams of revenge, Indigo must defeat her one time mentor and aunt if she is to save her queendom– and her future.

"Outstanding...Melanie Ansley is truly a gifted writer. "
Hall Ways Book Reviews

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