The Queen’s Poet


Shakespeare had his Dark Lady. Ralegh had his Cynthia. Sidney had his Stella!

Every poet needs a muse, that special someone who fires their soul and makes their verses soar.

For Philip Sidney, that special someone was Penelope Rich.

There was just one problem – she was another man’s wife!

A man of duty, a man of integrity, Philip Sidney could not speak openly of his love and so dishonour his muse.

But in the pages of a manuscript, he could reveal his true feelings. Using coded language, he wrote one of the longest love letters to a woman in the history of poetry, a work so magnificent it survives to this day: Astrophil and Stella.

Remembered in history as the exemplar of the Renaissance man, you will discover the man behind the reputation in this short story and get a glimpse of the heart and mind of one of the most admired men in Elizabeth’s England.


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