The Story of Light: Souls of the Sea: Book 4


A Short Christmas Story

A Young Widow. A Mysterious Light House Keeper. An Unexpected Christmas Miracle.

Kate never imagined she would question her faith in God. But when she experiences the unexpected death of her husband, she retreats to an isolated island during the Christmas holidays to try and come to terms with her shipwrecked faith.

What she doesn’t anticipate is a town that has turned against God or the mysterious lighthouse keeper who has made it his mission to pray for them.

Enchanted by the twinkling lights displayed on the lighthouse every night, Kate ventures out to discover the secrets of the keeper.

And what she finds has the potential to change everything, just in time for Christmas.

"Have you ever questioned your faith? Are you struggling with loss? Do you always have to figure out why? Then you should take a little time to read, "The Story of Light"! It was just the reminder I needed this Christmas season. Thank you April Geremia for warming my heart and soul yet again!! I am so glad God blessed you with the talent to spread his word through beautiful stories that help inspire, motivate, and heal. It's okay to not understand or not have all the answers- just let GOD!! And continue to spread his word! Erika Erika Urbanczyk"
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