Touched by Fear


An obsessed doctor. A tormented shifter. To find freedom, she must embrace the voices in her head...

Erin Holland craves the drugs that quiet her mind. Years of isolation in a London mental hospital have kept the creatures inside her at bay. But when her incapacitated state leaves her vulnerable, a twisted doctor begins an experiment to unlock her dark potential…

As the callous man’s tests become more and more invasive, Erin has no choice but to listen to the seductive voice of the scheming warlock within. Confronted with two evils, she must outwit both the ghost and the scientist to prevent the birth of a new terror.

Can Erin control her powers or will her efforts to survive wreak havoc upon the world?

Ashes & Dust

I was the popular girl. A swimming superstar destined for Olympic glory. I had it all. Until I went to

White Nights

Extended edition (November 2019) Nature lover Litza York is thrilled when she gets the opportunity to finish her PhD in

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