Unbound Justice


The Australian Sandstone Series

Romance, revenge, reckoning in this mid 19c Australian Historical Fiction novel. The Australian Sandstone Series, a magnificent view of Sydney then.

John Leary boards ship in Ireland in 1850, a young carpenter ambitious for a new life in Australia. He sails with revenge in his heart–his beloved sister has been raped by her landlord, William Baxterhouse, who escapes on another ship with even grander plans for success in New South Wales. In Sydney, hard workers like Leary and ruthless newcomers like Baxterhouse find a city fired by the Gold Rush and dedicated to creating the finest buildings in the colony. Leary has a double motive to make his construction company succeed: he has fallen in love with the beautiful Clarissa McGuire, whose family despise him, and Baxterhouse continues to rise in wealth and influence, seemingly untouchable. Meanwhile another woman, Beth O’Hare, is in love with John Leary, and he makes some hard choices–including a climactic showdown with Baxterhouse.

This is the first novel in The Australian Sandstone Series:  a new, magnificent view of nineteenth-century

Sydney from the ground up.

"Well written and thoroughly enjoyable is this Australiana tale set in old Sydney town and the New South Wales gold rush, a vivid background of those early days of European settlement – and all the drinking, hard work, treachery and jostling for position that was mandatory in those times. You warm to the characters as they make their way in this new land. More of it!” – by Wendy O’Hanlon, Australian Provincial Newspapers."
by Wendy O’Hanlon, Australian Provincial Newspapers.

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