Vampire Wars Small Bites


Vampires, and Shifters, and Wraiths...Oh my!

My name is Evilyn Strogovanna.
I am a vampire.
I am an Ender.
I have spent my entire unlife fighting the eternal war between vampires, shifters, and wraiths. A stalemate that would never end. As an Ender, my purpose was to hunt and kill shifters and wraiths, wherever I would find them.

But then one day I found her. A little girl, barely nine years old. She had the bloodlines of both shifter and wraith in her. An abomination. It was my duty to destroy her, without another thought. Only I bit her first, and she bit me. And that, unfortunately, changed everything.

Now we are both abominations. The first of our kind. The blood of vampires, shifters, and wraiths flows through our veins.

We are hunted.
We are hunters.
We are the new world.
Fear us.

The Sisters

Evie always watched her older sister Jenny from afar. Jenny can’t do wrong; she’s the apple of their mother’s eye.

The Invisible Assistant

What begins as a typical corporate event for magician Eli Marks turns into a twisted mystery when he is called

10 Book Chapter Sampler

This Mini-Book has first chapters from 10 different books. There are 3 books of sci-fi/fantasy, 3 historical stories, 3 anthologies

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