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A taste of Roma Nova, an imaginary country 'somewhere in Europe' where a remnant of the ancient Roman Empire has survived into the 21st century – but with a vital difference...

Two short stories, one about how the Roman founders of Roma Nova met in AD 370, the second an adventure thriller featuring two of the most popular of Roma Nova’s tough 21st century characters whose romantic relationship is so bound up with their love of country. Plus a guide to the whole nine-book series.

The Girl from the Market‘ – a short story when Apulius met Julia in the late fourth century, nobody realised how the sparks would fly and how momentous that meeting would be…

Conrad & Carina’s Roman Holiday‘ – Not the walk in the park they thought it would be as 21st century Roma Novans try to resolve an ancient mystery in this second short story

The Official Roma Nova Reading Guide – cover, the story behind the stories, reading order plus first chapters of each Roma Nova book

"One of the reasons I am enthralled with the Roma Nova series (aside from the skilfully written plots, excellent writing and professional standard of production) is the concept of the whole thing."
Helen Hollick, Discovering Diamonds Reviews

The Doc Next Door

Dr. Sadie Evans finally has the stable life she’s always craved. Her dream job, a small place to call her

The Taste of Infidelity

Jessica Stroker wore the pants in her marriage. And she wanted it that way. Except that her husband, Ron, bored

Goodbye Benjamin

You are not alone. One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, and whether it’s been ten minutes or ten years,

The Elemental Heist

Cole decided to leave the underworld and its shadows behind, and to achieve this, he needed to steal the most

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