What If: Baby, I Do Book 1


For experienced mechanic Arnold Sanders moving away from where he has always lived is a matter of priority. He was facing two scandals brought on by his wife Jenny caught cheating with a millionaire playboy and their ensuing divorce. He is concerned of the impact on his young son Thomas and does not think twice about moving out.

In the new town, Arnold discovers that settling down is not going to be as easy as he had envisioned. Thomas is very rebellious and refuses to see things from his dad’s point of view, rather believing that his dad does not care about him or his schooling.

A chance encounter with Angela Rowe, a model and mother of twin boys, seems to be the solution that Arnold has been looking for because she offers to work for him and help him get Thomas into school.

How far would the connection between Arnold and Angela go? Would it lead to something substantial and worthwhile? Or would it all be a waste of Arnold’s time?

This series explores all the intrigue, passion, and humor that surround Arnold’s relocation and settlement in the new town, as well as the path he takes to rediscover love in the arms of Angela.

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