Willingly: Her Version


A feel-good romance story.


Audrey Swanson wouldn’t have thought she’d be interested in his kind of guy. People change. Their preferences change. Their choices change. It is a matter of learning new things and your perspective on various matters could change.

She initially thought she’d prefer outspoken guys who know what they want and who act to get what they want. She’s so done with that kind of guy. She finds herself liking the opposite. A quiet, reliable man who lets a woman take the reins.

The Fox and the Train

“Sometimes the most important battles are the ones that look like they cannot be won, but we fight anyway. Fight

Erotcia Spanking: Part I

Bella’s mother has plans for her young socialite daughter after she loses yet another job. Gone are the days of

Touched by Fear

An obsessed doctor. A tormented shifter. To find freedom, she must embrace the voices in her head…

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