Sometimes one hero isn't enough...

A Child Witness
When Assistant District Attorney Dillon Hale’s key witness in a murder is killed right before trial, he has no choice but to let a killer go free… until he learns the victim’s young daughter saw the whole thing.

A Frightened Mom
Elizabeth Schettler will do anything to protect her daughter from the same fate her ex-husband suffered. That includes keeping her eyewitness testimony secret. When Dillon discovers the killer is after the little girl, he vows to save daughter and mother… even if it means losing his heart to them.

A No-Nonsense Cop
Police detective Val Ryker (Pushed Too Far, Burned Too Hot, Dead Too Soon) recently moved to small town Wisconsin to escape the stress of Chicago. But instead of peace, Val discovers chauvinism, corruption, and a little girl marked for murder. It’s up to Val to find answers, before it’s too late…

A child who saw the unthinkable.
A prosecutor determined to atone for his mistakes.
A mother who will stop at nothing to save her daughter.
A cop who holds the key to it all.

WITNESS by Ann Voss Peterson
Sometimes one hero isn’t enough…

Spirit Notes Fading

A punk band struggles to save their show when it’s upstaged by the wail of a real banshee. A tired


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