WW2: Spies, Snipers and Tales of the World at War


Awesome Stories from those that Served in World War 2.

How soon we forget. Or perhaps, we were never told.

This book brings you firsthand accounts of combat and brotherhood, of captivity and redemption, and the aftermath of a war that left no community unscathed in the world. The stories have everything from spies and snipers to submarines and air raids. A great book for anyone who wants to learn what it was like during WW2.

By the end of 2020, fewer than 390,000 WW II veterans will still be with us, out of the over 16 million who put on a uniform. But why is it that today nobody seems to know these stories?

As we forge ahead as a nation, we owe it to ourselves to become reacquainted with a generation that is fast leaving us, who asked for nothing but gave everything, to attune ourselves as Americans to a broader appreciation of what we stand for.


"If you like gripping, authentic accounts of life and combat during WW2, then you won't want to miss WW2: Spies, Snipers and Tales of the World at War."

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