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*YOU LOVE an exhilarating story. To be perfectly frank, author GP Hutchinson’s newest release, Dead Ball, NEEDS REVIEWS.

For 30 days, GP Hutchinson is offering readers the opportunity to download his award-winning novel, Dead Ball, for free. All he asks in exchange is that readers pledge to leave an honest review of the book on Amazon.com. No need to write a full-fledged book report, just 2 or 3 phrases expressing your overall impressions of the book.

“Crime fans and baseball fanatics alike will be enthralled by this retro tale of love and revenge…Historically accurate details of pre-regulation baseball and nail-biting suspense will captivate crime and sports fans.” — BookLife Reviews

“[Dead Ball is] a historically based murder mystery with plenty of surprises—and with a beautiful romantic subplot.” —Gary Livacari, author of Reflections on the 1919 Black Sox

Hutchinson’s engrossing historical baseball thriller, Dead Ball, begins in 1912 when St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Hal Gerecke unleashes a throw he’ll regret as long as he lives. Popular Boston Braves hitter Rube Wannamaker evidently never catches sight of the incoming fastball, and the next thing Hal knows, Rube is on the ground, unconscious and bleeding. As succeeding weeks pass, it becomes apparent that the errant pitch has left Rube in a permanent vegetative state.

Gutted by the incident, Hal abandons baseball for married life with spunky Gracie Matthews, but recruiters for the newly formed and supposedly safer Mutual League soon pull him out of retirement. Certain folks, meanwhile—including mysterious baseball newcomer Johnny Wagner—haven’t forgotten Hal’s fateful fastball. Believing he purposely maimed Rube, they’re out for blood, and Hal’s life is in serious danger.

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