A Breath of Life and Hope of Light: Blurred Light from West Series

A Community Giveaway Presented by Lukonge Achilees

A breath of life and hope of light, the first in the blurred light from west series is an impressive combination of vivid real time reporting from 1960 to 1986. The legendary social worker, activist “Lukonge Achilees” draw from his late Father’s diary who sought to bear witness to horrifying truths of dictatorship to write the first draft of history backed by well researched data drawing on unpublished reports, diaries, interviews about gripping stories of torture, detention, murders, extrajudicial killings and other mass atrocities and crucially to shine a light on the suffering of ordinary innocent oppressed civilians.
Therefore; the book explores the hard facts of Ugandan history in real time the regimes had barred you from knowing and accessing. Historical realities you never read anywhere backed by evidences and examples.
It further tracks most atrocities committed to prominent personalities, institutions and some personal accounts of civilians by regimes from 1960-1986 and provides a lens through which to view decades of Ugandan unrest and explore the future of Uganda.

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