A Sundered Throne

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A new epic fantasy series from the author of SHADOWBORN!The gods’ children nearly destroyed humanity once, and the magi have spent centuries preparing for their return. As the beneficiary of their experiments, Saramyn is chosen to wield a vial holding the power of a captured godling.Except that the godling is now inside her mind, instead of the vial, and its powers have shown her the godlings’ true plan: a strike at the heart of her homeland.But the magi do not believe her visions, and Saramyn is imprisoned, her powers leashed as the invasion inches closer.To avert it, she will have to use the godling’s powers…and that will open her up to a battle for her very mind, itself. If she doesn’t try, her homeland will be the first casualty of the next Sundering.If she tries and fails…she will be the next Sundering…and the one to usher in their destruction.

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