A Time to End and A Time To Begin

A Community Giveaway Presented by Everlee Whitman

The wounded war veteran is brought back to health by a beautiful young nurse. How will her bedside manner heal his wounded heart?

A Time To End and A Time To Begin is the prequel to the A Time for Everything Series and is available exclusively through newsletter registration. This book is not published or available for purchase. It is a gift, given, with the hope you will read my series and follow me as I continue to write clean romance books.  

This series follows Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, “A Time for Everything,” with fully developed characters that move through loving, romantic, relationships built through the framework of a therapy ranch. Each succeeding book gives a more defining look of the Living River Ranch and the small town of Little Bend.  

A Time To End and A Time To Begin does not have to be the first book you read.  In fact, it may be advantageous to read the first few books in the series before you read this prequel.  The books will begin to draw you to this story making it an even more interesting and emotional read.  For this reason, I will not disclose a description of the book.  You will just have to read to find out what makes it the best book of the series!

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