A Trinity of Witches, a Backstory to The Bearsden Witch Series, a PWF Urban Fantasy

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A backstory to The Bearden Witch Series, a PWF Urban Fantasy. Three young witches from different backgrounds collaborate to perform a fertility spell for an older couple, triggering a storm and another unusual occurrence. One of the witches is a hedge witch who wings it when she performs spells. What could go wrong?k Note: Contains profanity.

The Bearsden Witch Series is a PWF Urban Fantasy set in a Delaware college town with an unlikely Gen X heroine who falls for a younger Scottish professor, stumbles into a family history of witchcraft, and discovers a hidden coven in her town. With Celtic fairy folklore, diverse characters, chosen family, mystery, humor, and romance. Join Gwynedd Crowther on her journey into magic and love. NOTE: Contains profanity & adult situations.

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