Alaska Dawn

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What happens before that fateful day where Tara and Ryan collide on the Montana fire, in Alaska Spark? Read their origin story to find out!

Ryan O’Connor’s hotshot fire crew pulls out all the stops to save a trapped family in a Southern California firestorm. But when his crew cannot reach them in time, Ryan considers the loss of lives a personal failure. He applies and trains with the Delta Force of wildland fire—the Alaska Smokejumpers. If Ryan can make it through the ball-busting training, he’ll set his life on a new trajectory…one that could lead him to the woman of his dreams.

Tara Waters loves being a wildland firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service in Missoula, Montana, and has worked hard to prove herself capable. But when a hunky Missoula smokejumper, Travis McGuire, aims his parachute at Tara, her worlds collide. Her fire ops father is against Tara dating any firefighter—especially smokejumpers, because she’s setting herself up for heartbreak.

Can she resist Travis when he wants to show her how hot a real wildfire can be?

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