An epic tale of enemies turned lovers


For the first time in my life, I’m with the family I choose.

Living with my cousin, who happens to be a newlywed, is the best thing ever.

There is one pesky downside, and his name is Lucas Clark.

He’s a spoiled rich boy who was put on this Earth to torture me.

He thinks he can intimidate me, keep me in my place, but I have news for him. No way is he man enough.

And it’s annoying. Like, why do his eyes follow me everywhere? Why do I lose all self-control, seeking him out whenever we share the same space?

I should be running in the opposite direction, right?

His words are harsh, hostile. Until one night, the hostility is replaced by a kiss that almost set us on fire.




She’s a tiny ball of energy. Every bitter and combative word out of her mouth is aimed at me.

My family thinks I walk on water, so I could use any excuse to stay away from her.

She’s nothing more than a man-hating shrew wrapped up in a beautiful package.

Those dark eyes of hers? I see them everywhere.

Her red lips? They beg to be kissed.

And one night, I do. I finally get a taste, but it’s not enough. I want more.

She says she hates me.

I’m used to getting what I want, and what I want is to prove to Vivi that hate is the last thing on her mind when it comes to me.


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