Another Time: A Love Story

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Was there another time to express his love?

Viscount Darius loved Natalia for years. He kept searching for the right time to tell her. Life events kept tearing them apart. Convinced another time better than the present, he doesn’t disclose his true feelings until it is almost too late. Then, to save an innocent child, they deny their feelings. Natalia braves the threat of death to save the child and Darius. Will they discover everlasting love? Or must they wait for another time?

Learn how Viscount Darius Colin and Dr. Natalia Brooks confront threats on their lives from the Parker crime family. Kaitlyn Allen Hart submerges the reader in yet another tale of love, suspense, and desire.

Enjoy this novella, Another Time: A Love Story, and become immersed in the maze of relationships fraught with conflicts of love, duty, and desire.

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