Cold War Forces Collide

A Community Giveaway Presented by sci-fi thriller author Daniel P. Douglas

In 1950 New Mexico, a small group of agents who will become known as the “Men in Black” deploy in response to an event that will provide a harrowing glimpse into humanity’s apocalyptic future… Scientists have cracked open secret alien technology from the wreckage of four crashed flying saucers. They’ve pieced together a device that creates a “glimpse” into future space-time awareness. “Is the device dangerous?” the President asked. “Depends on what we see, and how we interpret it,” Talbot said. He paused, and then added, “And what we decide to do about it.” Meanwhile, a Russian spy has garnered stolen intelligence about the top-secret technology. But what he doesn’t realize is that a covert government agent is already on his trail. Cold War forces collide in Farmington, New Mexico. Who will survive and just what will everyone Glimpse?

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