Death in Comanche County

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Written by the winner of Oklahoma’s Book of the Year in Fiction. When someone brutally murders fragile retiree Effie Lawrence in Comanche County, Oklahoma, suspicion falls on her neighbor/caretaker–Cheryl Jackson, a disgraced former basketball star. The local Kiowa Police Chief isn’t looking at anyone else for the crime, so Cheryl is forced to dig for the truth herself. When she links the murder to some ancient Mexican coins, Cheryl uses a Pawnee guide to decipher an 80-year-old map and navigate the nearby Wichita Mountains, a haven for outlaw loot when it was Indian Territory. As she edges closer to the truth, not only is Cheryl attacked, but her neighbor, Silas, an Auschwitz survivor who loved Effie, is badly beaten. Add a mystery woman kidnapped and held in a basement; a creepy, chain-smoking junk store owner; a greedy nephew and his wife; and an AWOL soldier missing since the 50’s, and it may prove impossible to unravel this fifty-year mystery. It will take town locals, Native wisdom and know-how, and Cheryl’s own grit and intuition to find the truth, and herself, again.

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