If your entire life is falling apart, how do you start putting it back together?.


Eva Dawson is bored in her job, and lonely in her marriage.


Searching for a way out of her rut, she stumbles onto a new, exciting hobby that leads her into abandoned buildings, exploring the memories of other people’s lives.


Can she discover meaning in her own life? Can she work with her husband to save her marriage? Can she find a way to create a future, or is happiness a relic of the past?


Derelict is an emotional, poignant page turner. A fascinating journey through one woman’s attempts to change her life for the better.


The emotions are the heart of this book, pulsing and latching on to your heartstrings to twang and tear at them with tiny little details colored with nostalgia and brittle with pain.” – Five star Amazon review


The tension in between Eva and Mark is nonstop. We are drawn into the characters’ daily life and given a close up view of a marriage in decay.” – Five star Amazon review

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