Devil’s Peak

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Devil’s Peak is a new story by Raven Sin. An adventurous and lustful story about a girl who lost everything, including her sister, to Dark Fangs. As she embarks on a journey to save her sister, she faces a man who appeared in her dreams for many years. Yet, he is no longer in a dream, he is real. How can this be? Their mutual goal is the same but different. She is looking to save her sister, and he is looking to save himself. As they travel to Devil’s Peak together to face the evil, their chemistry grows as well. Will it be an obstacle or a savior?

War drums are starting to beat, and the world is not ready for it. The war is approaching again. The Dark Fangs rise across the land and over the dark obsidian mountains of the imperium, lights appear, and the sounds of hammers reverberate like that of a forge throughout the night.

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