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A Community Giveaway Presented by Indie Authors S.M. McCoy, Amanda Uhl, Jan Foster, Lyla Cork, and Aurrora St. James

Including 6 award winning fantasy romance books from seasoned authors!

  • USA Today’s Bestselling Author Holly Renee – A Kingdom of Stars and Shadows
  • S.M. McCoy’s Kingdom of Acatalec (Gold Badge from BookView Review)
  • Amanda Uhl’s Dark Waves (IheartIndie Finalist for the Mind Waves Series)
  • Jan Foster’s Distrupting Destiny
  • Aurrora St. James’ Gavril of Aquina – Lords of Magic (Finalist in Rune Awards)
  • Lyla Cork’s The Sky Place

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We are just fellow authors behind the screen staring at a reader wanting to give them all the things they want in a newsletter and a fantasy romance book from their worldbuilding pen pals. That’s right, I said pals.

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