Fractured Orbits

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She is a mutation. She is an abomination. She is a power that could change the universe – or end it. And she is only seven years old.

It’s been 250 years since we discovered the vast web of wormholes, created by an alien race, linking a series of planets. Worlds where, with a little genetic tinkering, humans could thrive. No one thought about side effects until it was too late. Now laws prevent further tampering—but not everyone follows the law. The Protectorate used their military might to enforce these laws.

For Veena, a military cipher decoder, these wars are more than her job – they’re the centre of her existence. She knows a secret: the alien race that created the wormholes may not be gone, and pose a threat.

And even worse, she knows that her own daughter is one of “the enemy”. Born with telekinetic powers, seven-year-old Molly is a mutant who must hide her true nature, or face extermination.

But when an accident reveals her child’s powers, Veena’s worst nightmare comes true. The military snatches Molly—to turn her into a weapon, and use her power to change the face of the galaxy… or destroy it.

Now, Veena is on the run, trying to save her child. Nowhere to hide, no one to trust. She can’t give up. The universe is on the brink of destruction, and it is up to her to stop it all from escalating and falling into the madness of a Fractured Orbit.

If you’re a fan of Firefly or the Fallen Empire series, if you love Ann Leckie’s Ancillary World books or Corey’s The Expanse novels, then you’ll love this mix of science fiction, action, and adventure.

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