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Enter Jarlith. Overlooking the sea, Jarlith spots an armada of foreign ships approaching the coast of his village. As soon as Jarlith sees the red sails on the ships, he knows who they are—the enemy. At that exact moment, the tempest begins. Lightning crackles, splitting the stormy skies overhead, as a deadly mix of rain and fire begin falling. Out on the rough seas, waves beat against the approaching enemy ships, but Jarlith understands that no natural force will stop the invading armada. It will be up to Jarlith to save his people. Realizing this compels Jarlith to enlist with the Jakurian guard and unite with an estranged kingdom across the lands of Faölan. Together, they will have a fighting chance of liberating the capital city of Jakuri from this invasion.


Hallis is a forest dweller, and feels a connection to all life around him. But when his best friend, Sapphire, is kidnapped by the invaders, he is forced to leave the solitary life he knew amongst his elfish folk, and venture forth to rescue her. The journey is rife with battles, tricksters, centaurs, giants, and other monsters that Hallis has never before encountered. Soon he is swept up with a roving band of centaurs who are relentless in their aim to re-establish solidarity between tribes and unify all of the species throughout Faölan.


The two stories intertwine and conclude in an epic tale of friendship, betrayal, and romance as Jarlith and Hallis come together to liberate the capital. This stand-alone novel is an action-packed fantasy, full of new creatures, magical abilities, warfare, and intrigue that will leave you wanting more and eager to dive into Book Two of the Epic of Faölan series. 

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