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  • Starts: 06/28/2020
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At fifteen, Margot Heartily accidentally walked into a fortune teller’s tent at the Houston rodeo. The fortune teller predicted great success, but with a twist: the success would be taken away with a quick turn of events.

At twenty-eight, Margot Heartily is the most successful she has ever been! But, as the fortune teller predicted, Margot’s luck turns sour. She loses the promotion at the last minute, her apartment is turning into a hotel, and Margot has to vacate. To top it all off, Margot’s ex-boyfriend announces his engagement!

Margot is convinced that the fortune teller gave her bad luck! So she books the next ticket out to her hometown of Lady Liberty, Texas.

What will happen when Margot confronts the fortune teller? Will her bad luck turn around? And will she forget all about New York and decide to follow her fate back to the life she knew and loved?

Find out how Margot fares in this lighthearted tale about fate, love, and fortune!

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