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For just a limited time, Progeny: The Complete Trilogy is FREE! Grab this huge book which contains all three novels of the Progeny series: Nephilim Island, Principalities and Powers, and Apocalypse Rising!


Trapped behind the veil of another reality, a Fallen angel from antiquity sets in motion a plan of escape—a plan which involves summoning his real world progeny to himself through an oceanic gateway.

As the day of escape nears, those the angel has abducted fight to flee the island themselves. But can they decode the megalithic formulas in time, or will they be left behind, trapped in an unsettled version of Bermuda for the rest of their lives? And if the angel does escape back to the real world, will he succeed in freeing his condemned brethren from Tartarus, unleashing tribulation on the earth in an attempt to reinstate a long lost Golden Age?

In a battle between Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, a group of ex-soldiers will come face-to-face with the birth of a cosmic, age-long conspiracy that could spell the end of the world as they know it.

Described by readers as “Dan Brown meets LOST meets Left Behind,” Nephilim Island begins with John Carter looking for his missing brother in a tranquil Bermuda and ends with an epic clash between worlds in Apocalypse Rising. This special edition contains all three novels in the Progeny trilogy.


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