Half a Huntress: Rogue Huntress Chronicles Prequel

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She let a mortal man live, will it be the death of her?

When a human man catches Shana neutralizing yet another threat to her pack in a dark alley, she decides to let him go. It’s an act of mercy that will cost her dearly.

She finds her father murdered, and her brothers missing. She’s failed. And now the property is swarmed by hired mercenaries, led by that same man from the back alley. She’s ready to exact vengeance, but quickly discovers there’s more to the stranger than merely hired muscle.

The real threat is the person who hired him in the first place, and while it’s too late to save her alpha, it’s not too late to save her young brothers. If she wants to keep them safe, she’ll need to submit to the new ruthless new, ruthless alpha.

The trouble is, she’s not the submissive type…

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