Her Dangerous Journey Home

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1310, Berwick-upon-Tweed, England – King Edward II knights Frederick Kohl for his bravery fighting the Scots, not realizing that the knight is actually Frederick’s sister, Christina, who has assumed her dead brother’s identity.

Still posing as Frederick, Christina travels to London, escorting Lady Cecily, a young noblewoman who is joining Queen Isabella’s court at Westminster Palace. When Cecily falls for Christina, their joy is short-lived as they realize a future together seems impossible.

Christina’s bitter enemy, Katharine Volker, goads her into voyaging from London to the Baltic waters of her birthplace. Christina journeys not to engage in trade, as one would expect of a master merchant. Instead, she sails to exact revenge on the pirates who killed her father and brother.

What will transpire in London during her absence and is there even a scant hope of lasting happiness with Cecily? Christina will need to summon up all her courage and fighting skill, as well as a secret weapon, to survive her adventure quest through pirate-infested waters.

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