Her Dream, His Desire

The young charismatic heir to the McDurk clan is determined to save his people, even at the cost of his own happiness.Ten years ago, the eleven-year-old Aileana Pippin had her first glimpse of Ewan McDurk, son of the fierce chief of the neighbouring clan.Now bandits called The Black Lairds are plundering local villages.  To create the strongest bond possible, Ewan is to be married to the daughter of the chief of the Pippin Clan. Bound by the burden of his responsibility to his people, Ewan cannot refuse.Ewan has never forgotten the red-haired, audacious girl with green eyes he met for a few minutes, but he can only dream that she could be his.Can Ewan convince the lady he dreams of to be his bride?Alileana Pippin is angry and helpless. She is ready for adventures, but instead, she is being used as a bargaining prize. Alileana can see only one way out. She has to run away from the castle she has called home and create her own life.Three days later Alileana has been captured by bandits but is rescued by Ewan. They barely manage to escape before being tossed from their horse.Trapped together in an abandoned village, will Ewan be able to change Alileana’s mind about becoming his bride and making a life together?With neither one willing to surrender, it’s an epic battle for their hearts in this stunning Medieval Romance.

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