Home at Last

Misty spent her entire childhood on the go. From the time she started school until graduation, Misty moved nine times and said a thousand goodbyes along the way. At an early age, Misty’s parents split, never really giving her a place to call “home”. After many hardships and broken hearts, she decides it’s time to settle down and start building a new life. After her late grandfather passed away, Misty inherits ‘The Seaside Inn’, an outdated, but charming 4 bedroom bed and breakfast Inn Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Misty is determined to dedicate her life to living in one location and making lasting relationships. In the midst of revitalizing the B&B, she meets an inspector, Brooks. Misty is far too busy to give him the time of day…until everything changes. In a journey to find what feels like home, she finds so much more.

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