Into the Suffering City: A Novel of Baltimore

  • Starts: 08/10/2020
  • Ends: 08/22/2020

Baltimore, 1909. Sarah Kennecott is a brilliant young doctor who cares deeply about justice for murder victims. She also has a habit of displeasing powerful men and getting into trouble. After getting fired for looking too closely into the killing of a showgirl, she refuses to back down from the investigation.

Sarah forms a promising partnership with Jack Harden, a street-smart private detective struggling with terrible memories. They have much in common: Both defiant. Both independent. Both regarded as a bit unusual.

Sarah gathers evidence in gilded mansions and fancy ballrooms. Jack follows leads into Baltimore’s seedy underworld, a vitally corrupt realm of saloons, brothels, and burlesque theaters. When Sarah and Jack pull the pieces together, they discover a stunning pair of secrets, each of which is worth killing to keep.

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