Just Friends

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He yearns to let his best friend know he’s in love with her. What’s so terrible about that?

If she could return those feelings.

Benjamin has known Kat all his life, but once puberty hit, she started starring in all his most explicit dreams.

Why hasn’t he told her? Because she’s never treated him like anything other than her nerdy, brotherly BFF.

Now that they’re about to graduate college, should he risk ruining the closeness they share by telling her the truth?

Or will not telling her carry worse consequences than he ever could’ve imagined?

WARNING: this story is an open-ended prequel for my Big Apple Billionaires Series and contains nerve inducing wildlife sightings in the wilderness, Spanish (and English) cuss words, the ill-advised mixing of s’mores with brandy, and a naughty X-rated dream.

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