Lord Love a Zombie: Dead Inside: Welcome – Henry and Cynthia (Companion Piece – A Post-Apocalyptic Short Story)

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Cousins, Cynthia and Henry Forester, have been on the run since the outbreak of the virus that brings the dead back starving. Tired, hungry, scared and avoiding both humans and the walking dead alike, the two are on a mission to find and rescue an elderly aunt living alone.

Will they save her in time or has she already become zombie chow? Or worst yet, been bitten and is now lumbering about the streets in search of them?

This exciting support prequel piece to the hit novella, Lord Love A Zombie: Dead Inside: Welcome, reveals a smattering of the trials and traumas Henry and Cynthia faced at the onslaught of their world’s dismal, downward spiral into unimaginable horror in this post-apocalyptic paranormal fiction tale.

Join with the cousins on their harrowing journey.

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