Love Across The Ocean

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Alina grows up a farmer’s daughter in Moldova. She has dreams, but they are shattered when she finds out her parents have promised her to be wed to someone she doesn’t love. One evening, she meets Michael, who is taking shelter from the rain in their barn. Meeting him nightly in secret, she is drawn to the handsome fellow. The evening before her arranged marriage, she elopes with Michael instead.

Newly married, they live happily for some time, until one day Michael vanishes to America, leaving her a letter, promising to continue to pay her way at his estate.  After waiting for Michael’s return, she finally summons the courage to board a ship and catch up with him in New York.

Alina believes she is following her dreams of moving to America and being reunited with her love. She is not prepared for what she finds. How will she deal with this situation, now an ocean away from home and in a new country? Her alternative is unexpected, but she does end up finding love and marriage, but with someone you would not expect.

In this story of resilience, we find that people aren’t always who they seem to be—sometimes mother knows best, and there are always actions to take when your heart is shattered that will take you on the journey that was intended for you.




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