Love me first : she can not resist

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Cheryl’s childhood was far from normal.
Her mother’s erratic behavior and constant mood swings left Cheryl feeling lost and alone.
Despite her difficult upbringing, Cheryl found solace in the outdoors and developed a deep love for the wild lifestyle

Cheryl says there are three things you should do at least once in your life:
Dance like nobody’s watching.
Travel the world.
And fall hopelessly in love.
I aimed to do all three.
I went to Formentera to find myself.
But he found me.
It was like a storybook, our eyes met across a crowded room
He asked me if I needed help reading the menu
We ate, we laughed, we danced, and I fell.
Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan, and we parted ways.
Two years later, our eyes meet across a room again
Only this time I was on a date with another man
He went crazy in a jealous fit.
But the man I met then is different now.
He’s colder, harder, and officially one of the most powerful men in Spain
Zahidi I say it, even more enticing.
But if Cheryl dances with the devil, you get burnt.

And the fires in Spain are scalding hot.

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