Love’s Betrayal

While William is away at war, he is sure of everything. He knows he is going to win; he knows his crown is secure, he knows he has a family to go home to. News of his wife’s pregnancy only enforces his assurance that he was on top of the world. Nothing can bring him down. That is, until he receives an anonymous later. This single letter turns his world on the axis, ruins his mind, and costs him more than he ever thought possible. Suddenly, the war wasn’t important, and revenge was.Camilia was the queen of Dass, but it was a title she had never wanted. Being forced into a marriage of her father’s choosing, she had been left alone and suffering. That is until her childhood sweetheart comes back into her life, and now she was complete and happy. After years, her affair with her lover stayed secret until it doesn’t. All she had wanted was to be happy and loved, but now she was going to have to pay the consequences. What would William do when he found out? How would she be punished for the crime of following her heart? Would she survive the wrath of a scorned king?

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