“Life is like a game of Roulette; one spin tells it all!”


Private Investigator, Michael Blaine wants to take a break from the dark and seedy world of uncovering murders and secrets. His plans are cut short though when his last client ends up dead handing Blaine a case unlike any he has ever solved.

Detective Alicia Forrest’s career has been on the rise but when she is handed a case involving the murder, one of the most prominent families in town, she realises she will have to step well outside of her comfort zone if she is to solve this one.

Old friends reunite, new love ignites, worlds collide raising the stakes ever higher as Michael and Alicia are drawn into a delicate game where the players are unknown and the odds seemingly stacked against them.


What is the highly challenging murder case that Michael and Alicia are going to solve? Will they compete or join forces to solve the murder case? What are their findings?


Read on to find out about the mystery, suspenseful, crime & psychological thriller …..

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