Soul of Stone

A Community Giveaway Presented by Michele Amitrani

  • Starts: 07/14/2020
  • Ends: 11/30/2020

Amazon warrior Panacea has forsaken the bow and the spear, dedicating her life to curing people rather than killing them. But her past is dark and full of sorrow, and there is more than meets the eye to this potion maker whose healing gift comes with a blood price.

When Panacea—now known as the Healer of a Thousand Lands—is summoned to the Golden Palace by the Queen of Mycenae, she is entrusted with the life of the king, who has been poisoned with a substance no one can identify.

To treat him, Panacea will have to name the many sins the gods committed, and the price a woman had to pay because of them. And when the tale has been told, and the real monster revealed, all that’s left is the realization that myth and reality seldom meet.

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