Stranger Things meets Percy Jackson!

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A teen who’s life is falling apart. A tear in the fabric of reality. A multi-dimensional demon bent on disrupting cause and effect. If you like creepy old houses, mind-bending parallel realities, and tv shows like Stranger Things, then you’ll love this unique and thrilling mystery that might just leave you questioning your own reality!

Esta Brown is failing at school, friendships… at life. If only she could get her father back everything would be OK again. But he vanished into thin air two years ago after becoming obsessed with a creepy old house… an old house that just happens to be sitting on a rip in space and time. Whatever he was doing there, he’s opened up a multidimensional can of worms in the form of Mara, the demon of chaos. If Esta is going to see him again, she’s going to have to fix his screw-ups. And if she fails… the fabric of reality itself is already unraveling around her.

‘A unique and haunting tale’
Dionne Mcculloch. Short-list judge of the Bath Literary prize.

‘It’s so hard to convey how much I love this book’
Paula Beaton. Editor of the ‘Heir of G’OD’ by Harper Maze.

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