Sweet Surrender

Advanced Reader Copy.Age-Gap, broody boss, steamy romance.Actor turned business mogul, Reed Dixon is dripping with good looks and a bad attitude. He’s the star of every woman’s fantasy. Demanding and dangerously sexy, he delivers an Oscar-worthy performance in their beds every night.Closed off and quick to anger, his aggressive attitude disguises the pain of losing the only person who made him whole. Tragedy has left him reeling and only now is he finding his footing, centering himself in the safest place, his work.When he talks, people listen.Until he meets Reagan, an intriguing beauty for whom the world’s gone silent.Are the walls around his heart too thick to sense when someone wants in?Will he push her away or will he fall in sweet surrender? Sweet Surrender is a steamy, grumpy-boss age-gap romance with a sweet twist.

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