The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles

Book One in the Hickey Family crime novels:

In May of 1926, celebrity evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson went swimming at Ocean Park beach and vanished, presumed drowned. Millions mourned or prayed for her miraculous return. On June 23, she walked out of the Mexican desert and crossed the border into Douglas, Arizona.

Though her story of a kidnapping convinced her followers, the district attorney didn’t buy it.  A grand jury hearing was underway when a lynching happened in Echo Park only yards from Sister Aimee’s Angelus Temple. The victim was a dear friend of Tom Hickey, whose grief is aggravated because the police and popular media deny the lynching occurred.

Tom, who gave up a promising football career to care for his wild kid sister, now leads a dance orchestra and works days selling meat. Still, he adds to his jobs the pursuit of killers who may belong to the Ku Klux Klan. The investigation leads him to Angelus Temple and Sister Aimee, whom he suspects can provide him with clues.

“Kuhlken mixes historical and fictional characters with an ease that will remind many of Max Allan Collins’s Nate Heller series (True Crime, etc.). He’s equally adept at melding the murder inquiry with Hickey’s personal struggles.”​ ~ Publishers’ Weekly​

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