The Burning Son

  • Starts: 07/10/2020
  • Ends: 07/10/2021

Mark escapes an alien invasion with the only ride off-planet: pirates! Forced to leave their father behind, Mark and his sister vow to return to rescue him, but first, they’ll have to rescue themselves. Wherever they go, the aliens show up looking for them. Someone is tipping them off, but what do they want with one wayward fighter pilot and his sister?

It’s a race across the stars as Mark and Sophie desperately try to stay ahead of the alien menace. Can they make friends and find allies before they suffer a fate worse than death: becoming pawns for religious zealots bent on galactic conquest.

“…enjoyable setup, lean in prose, pithy in dialogue…” – Kirkus Reviews

“The book offers up a ‘just one more chapter’ reading experience”

“Fasten your seatbelts for an action-packed space odyssey.”

“A non-stop thrill ride with complex, fascinating characters…”

“…well developed and imaginative…”

“A fun read, great characters, wonderful sense of humor!”

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